…boys? movies? deciding which shirt goes with which skirt? …It’s bizarre.

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Make Me Choose: Anonymous asked Ellie or Joel?
both is the correct answer   the last of us   joel   ellie   baby girl   

…I swear.

…I swear.

the last of us   joel   ellie   

Make me choose → link-the-hero-of-blogs asked: Lee Everett or Joel?

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"The Last of Us: Spring" by: MasterCheefs

"The Last of Us: Spring" by: MasterCheefs

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tears   ellie   baby girl   the last of us   

joel   ellie   the last of us   

hahaha NO   NO   NOOOOOO   FUCK this scene   and the music that plays as it happens   ellie   baby girl   joel   the last of us   fall   


365 Days of Music: [28/365] Main Theme - Gustavo Santaolalla

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